Finals Week Wrap-Up


Tuesday’s have turned into one of my favorite days of the week, and this Tuesday is especially important to me. It marks the last day of my first semester at the University of Texas at Austin. I had my last final in Microeconomics this afternoon, loaded the car with my millions of bags (I don’t travel very… light), and hit the road for Houston. This Tuesday seemed like the day that would never come, rather, that was eons away. Finals week started for me on the 11th with Calculus, continued this past Saturday the 14th with History, and concluded today, the 17th.

To give you an idea, that’s a total of: 10 nights spent studying at the PCL (started early for Calculus and basically lived there up till last night), 7 sleepless nights, approximately $30 spent on unsweetened Starbucks Green Tea lattes with soy milk, half a bag of chia seeds (if you saw me at the PCL at any point this past week, you saw those “glitter” like specks in my water), a whole box of Zip Fizz (my natural energy/vitamin drink that works wonders), several treks around the fifth floor of the PCL looking for whiteboards and Expo markers, new friends, and countless stares from random strangers at the PCL as they glared over at our table whenever Kenette would literally erupt with laughter.

Despite having literally no sleep and turning into a somewhat functioning zombie, this past week inspired something greater within me that I was oblivious to the entire semester. When you’re at the PCL, you get shit done. That’s for me at least. I know everyone hates it, and hates the idea of going there and staying until the early hours of the morning, but it’s totally worth it. And I hate that I love it, but I really do. I also met some great people there and discovered a work ethic within me that I’m going to apply more of next semester.

So there you have it, a wrap up of my experience of the University of Texas’ Finals Week. I can’t see myself anywhere else and if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that I love my school, the friends I’ve made, the experiences I’ve had, and I love being a Longhorn. Soppy, but true. To call classes at Texas “rigorous” with the amount of work would be an understatement, but you know what, as I’m reflecting back on it, it sure is worth it. And I’d do it all again if I had to. Now the next step is waiting on my professors to report my grades to the Registrar… which seems to be the easiest part but takes the absolute longest.

So there’s that! Hope you have an incredible remainder of your Turtle Tuesday and last day of classes! I couldn’t have asked for a better first semester at UT! Made some lifelong friends along the way, spent more time at the PCL than my bed, discovered a fetish for turtles, and opened my eyes to life’s endless possibilities. Thank you to everyone who came into my life and made this semester all that it was! Can’t wait for what the Spring semester has in store. Fall semester, you’ve been a treat.


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I’m a proud alumni of the University of Texas at Austin. Finance turned consulting professional. Lover of white nail polish, creative writing, and Spanish architecture. I believe it's important to laugh at yourself and not take everything so seriously. Stargazer? I'm not good at bios. You should probably read my blog.

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