10 Austin Things You Must Do This Spring

How incredible is it that every year the world starts again? Etching the previous years history in its core and growing a new beginning on the surface.

The frost begins to melt and streams ebb with life. It’s that time of year where you trade your pants for shorts, ditch the parka at home, and slip out of winter boots for more liberating sandals: Springtime. Where your skin was once cracked against the harsh winter months, it begins to soften as the skies do the same, losing their grey tint for a happier and more refreshing baby blue. Spring is my second favorite season, right after summer, as the world sheds its winter coat in exchange for brighter colors, warmer temperatures, and greener foliage.

Rather than being defined by a specific calendar date, the coming of spring can be recognized by the many biological indicators. The sweet scent of new earth, new soil that gives for greener grass and healthier flora. The barren trees sprout leaves of bright green and blossom with delicate flowers of different colors. Everything is different. It’s all brand new. Even the air smells different: it smells of clarity and renewal.

Persians celebrate Nowruz (“New day”), the Persian New Year, which always occurs on he first day of spring in harmony with the rebirth of nature all around us. Holi, the Festival of Colors, is celebrated in India and in countries with Hindu populations. Christians celebrate Easter, the resurrection of Jesus and the end of Lent. Passover, the eight-day holiday, reflects on the Jewish Exodus from Egypt. In all richness of cultures, human kind celebrates in unity the annual gift of revival that springtime brings to earth. Austin thrives in the Spring because of its never ending list of things to do and affinity for outdoor activities. This past December I presented you with the 7 Austin Things You Must Do This Winter. By popular request, I present to you not only seven, but 10 of the top springtime activities you must do to maximize every hour of the beautiful Austin spring season. Enjoy!

  1. Photos in the Bluebonnets – it’s hard to miss the Texas state flower during the Spring, as fields around Austin begin blossoming with the slightly lavender colored flower. Don’t miss a picturesque opportunity by forgetting to stop alongside MoPac or at a bluebonnet field for the perfect Kodak moment. My recommendation? Walk the trails at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and find yourself captivated by the sea of blue on a self guided tour at your own leisure.

    Bluebonnets along MoPac overlooking Downtown Austin. Photo courtesy of Jay Janner.
  2. Zipline over Lake Travis – you don’t need to travel to the Amazon to experience fast speeds overlooking beautiful wildlife. The weather’s clear which allows for the perfect conditions to take a leap and hang 250-2,800 feet across 1/2 mile of views of the breathtaking Austin hill country. Get a group of your closest friends and head out to Austin’s Lake Travis Zipline Adventures for an action packed day over the lake.
  3. Barton Springs Pool – you dreamt of it during the winter, but now it’s warming up and the best time (other than summer) to hang out in one of the “crown jewels” of Austin. Immerse yourself in one of Austin’s most loved attractions and take a dip in this spring fed, three acre long, man-made swimming pool. The pool stays between 68 and 78 degrees year round and is open from 5am to 10pm daily (except for Thursdays), making it the ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of the quickly-growing city.

    Photo courtesy of Country Living Magazine.
    Photo courtesy of Country Living Magazine.
  4. Stargazing – since before I moved to Austin I’ve always wanted to go stargazing (bonus: while listening to Coldplay). Being from Houston, the city lights make it almost impossible to catch a glimpse of the beautiful constellations that blanket our skies every night. Whether it’s in your own backyard, in front of the Capitol, or on UT Austin’s very own South Lawn, pack a blanket, a late night picnic, and some speakers and lay out to breathe in the night air and the beautiful stars. Don’t miss out on the Austin Astronomical Society’s public Star Party on April 25th at the Eagle Eye Observatory just outside of Austin. (Note: someone go to this with me!)
  5. Pecan Street Festival (May 2 & May 3) – head out to the 6th Street Historic District, formerly recognized as Pecan Street, for one of the largest and longest running arts and music festivals that the nation has to offer. Presented by the Pecan Street Association, the annual two-day celebration attracts local and national artists, musical acts, quirky food vendors, all while supporting nonprofit groups and charities within Austin. I’ve never been myself, but I definitely plan on visiting the festival for a nice stroll and scout out some cool pieces made from Austin’s greatest artisans.
  6. Kayaking on the lake – one of my personal favorite Austin activities, head out to any Austin lake for a tranquil kayaking or paddle boarding experience. I’ve kayaked twice before on Lady Bird Lake and have yet to fall in the water, though I would recommend bringing extra plastic bags to safe-guard your iPhone when capturing photos of the beautiful views of the lake and Downtown Austin. My recommendation would be to visit Congress Avenue Kayaks or the Rowing Dock for the ultimate Austin kayaking experience.

    I took this photo while kayaking on Lady Bird Lake earlier this March. Downtown was setting up for SXSW but the lake still offered tranquility and allowed me a place to clear my mind.
    I took this photo while kayaking on Lady Bird Lake earlier this March. Downtown was setting up for SXSW but the lake still offered tranquility and allowed me a place to clear my mind.
  7. Drive-In Theater – located right in the middle of the city, channel your inner 1950s and reserve a spot at the Blue Starlite drive-in theater. An American favorite, drive-in theaters bring the comfort of a movie theater straight to the privacy and comfort of your car, complete with an outdoor movie screen and concessions stand. The Blue Starlite theater hosts many genres of films, including indie films and drive in classics. Whether it’s with your friends or for a date, don’t miss the Blue Starlite first annual Fantasy Fest film series which runs from April 1 – May 16!
  8. Farmers Market – support local Austin fruit and veggie farmers by heading out to one of the many farmers markets. Avoid the standardization of factory requirements and prepare your food with grass-fed, pasture-raised beef or chicken and organic produce. The Sustainable Food Center hosts a weekly, year round market on Saturdays from 9 am to 1pm at Republic Square Park off of 4th Street and Guadalupe. Or visit another Austin favorite, the Barton Creek Farmers Market which has two locations, off of MoPac/Loop 360 and on South Lamar.
  9. Eeyore’s Birthday Party (April 25) – you know how they say Keep Austin Weird? Well, here’s just that– but for a good cause too! Every year since 1963, the Austin community gets together at Pease Park to raise funds for local nonprofit organizations. Expect to find live music, Austin food vendors, colorful dancers in colorful costumes, and large drum circles. The Austin tradition stems back to UT Austin students recreating A. A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh story in which Eeyore’s friends plan a magical surprise party for his birthday. The festival is now sponsored by the Friends of the Forest Foundation and distributes all funds raised to local Austin charities.
  10. Strawberry picking – if you’re up for a scenic drive to the Sweet Berry Farms, indulge yourself in the peace that comes with picking your own fresh strawberries. As the temperature warms up, strawberry season kicks off in early March alongside the blackberry and peach harvest in mid May. The farms are open Monday through Saturday, excluding Wednesdays.

Springtime in Austin is full of rebirth and renewal as everyone is ready to let go of the cold and yearning to spend any opportunity in the sun. Whether it’s hiking at the Greenbelt, spending time on the lake, or having a picnic on the Capitol lawn, Austinites know the value of the Spring’s cooling breezes and warmer temperatures that come before the Texas summer heat. Whatever you end up doing, be sure to spend it outdoors and with your best friends for the ultimate Austin springtime experience! I truly hope this list gave you some ideas for fun in the sun, and hey– maybe I’ll even see you outside! Golbou Shariatmadar (1)

One Month

Frick ya!!!!! It’s almost summer. Which means an array of things, so let’s list them. But before you start, press play and let this play in the background:


  1. Less than one month of school – HYFR. I am so frickinnnnn’ done with late nights where I spend more hours studying on campus than in my bed. I can’t wait to not have to complain about Geology to my friends. Or you know what, CALCULUS (get out of my life!!!!) You know, I’ve said it countless times. UT is hard. But it’s a good kind of hard, like strength training.
  2. Final exams – a necessary evil? I don’t know.
  3. Rising temperatures – has it ever occurred to you why Hawaiians are so happy and laid back? HEAT. WARMTH. Temperatures that get your blood pumping, not iced to bits.Winter came and stayed way past its welcome. I’m pretty certain I wore down my favourite pair of boots this past season, which I’m lowkey upset about.
  4. Tanning – @God bless @God for giving me the ability to tan my pasty, white, winter, embarrassing pale-ness away to a golden, honey, sunkissed tan.
  5. Tropical colours – I absolutely love summer colours so much. Say goodbye to the dark cool tones and hello to the orange hues, coral, and beach blues. This one goes hand in hand with tan skin too. There’s nothing I love more than my Essie and OPI’s.
  6. Green leaves and blossoming flowers – there is nothing greater than spending time outside under beautiful green foliage and fresh cut grass.
  7. New music – this one’s directed to the Calvin Harris, Iggy Azalea, Daft Punk, Justin Timberlake, Passion Pit, Luke Bryan, and Katy Perry’s of the music industry. My favourite time of year for new music is the summer, simply because all new songs are upbeat, happy, fresh, and perfect for getting you upbeat and spending time out and about.
  8. Home – if there’s one thing I’m looking forward to more than finishing my final exams, it’s going home and seeing my parents, my two puppies, and my friends who I haven’t seen (the majority of) since last August.
  9. LifeTime – home also means gym, and in the summer, I have so much more time to spend on myself and at LifeTime. And where I’m from, the LifeTime is like a social gym. So imagine everyone from your neighbourhood, your high school, and pretty much all of the 024, at the gym. I love it, but if I’m honest, I rather not have my summer fling see me as I’m dripping sweat but trying to look suave on the elliptical (so don’t look at me).
  10. Shopping – new season, new trends! This one’s directed to H&M, Urban Outfitters (that is, if they have anything left in stock after Coachella), Anthropologie, and BCBG. I know you have game, step it up for the summer season. And last summer, if you spent even a single moment with me you’d know that oversized bright sweaters, white shorts, and stacked bracelets were my summer trend. I can’t wait to see what this summer has in store! Literally. And let’s not forget the new candle scents at Bath & Body Works. To. die. for. Let’s take a trip to the beach, or for now, let’s hold on to that thought and light up Tiki Beach.

That concludes my list for now, but I could go on forever. I just love summer so much! Spending time outside, with friends, traveling, doing things for the sake of yourself. Spending time with yourself and with the people who make you who you are!  Summer time is the best time.

Oh, and how could I forget! One last thing: FREE PRESS SUMMER FEST! This will be my third year going, and to say I’m stoked… is an understatement. Last year FPSF was the day of my high school graduation. So basically, I graduated, had a BBQ lunch with my family, ditched the red robe for shorts, and hit up Eleanor Tinsley. Maybe I’ll even invest in a CamelBak this year. Here’s a few shots I took myself at Free Press last year, where the lineup was absolutely incredible (Calvin Harris!!!! Passion Pit!!!! Macklemore!!!!!) DSC01035 DSC01034 DSC01024 Until next time!

– Golbs



Dear GTNS,

Well, it’s a been a while. Though it seems like I’ve neglected you, I haven’t. Every single day after I wake up, I bring the kettle to a boil and make my morning glass of green tea. Still no Splenda.

I don’t really know where this post is going. But I know one thing, I refuse to make posts unless I’m inspired. And as of now? Not really inspired. I’ve seen some writers make blog posts which seem like duplicates, carbon copies of other blog posts they’ve read before. And while you think nobody notices, everyone does. Originality is something that resonates deeply within me, and I hate it when I see people conform or claim something which isn’t there as their own.

Like I said, I don’t know where this is going. But in case you didn’t notice, whoever is reading this… I changed my theme! I figured it’s time for a little difference. This theme is a little more simple and white, but if you know the slightest bit about me it’s that I love everything to be white, clean, and minimalist. So there we are, a new theme for the new season. Thank @god it’s not winter anymore, I couldn’t take another hour of brisk ice wind and forty degree Texan winters.

Alright then, that’s all for now. Write to you soon,



p.s. this is Kim Kardashian trying to take a selfie with an elephant. I’m not a Kardashian fangirl but I relate to Kim on so many levels in this picture because in her defense, if I saw an elephant, I’d take a selfie with it too. Maybe even a Snapchat. And a Vine. I’d probably say something like “Elephant, woooo!” Work it girl frick the haters.