Euro Trip: Rome to Florence

Ciao from Venezia! I was unable to make an entry last night due to the fact that I spent the day out and about roaming in Rome and the evening wandering the streets of Trestavere.

I wanted to spend my last day in Rome farther away from the tourist attractions and closer to the authentic, Roman Italy. I walked down the street from where my hotel was and found the beautiful Piazza Navona. There, I was the target for more selfie-stick vendors and stopped for lunch at a beautiful outdoor restaurant. As if Rome knew it was my last day there, the weather was absolutely splendid and picturesque.

The cutest pizza box from my lunch in Rome.
The cutest pizza box from my lunch in Rome.
I took this photo using a selfie-stick in Piazza Navona.

The hotel bartender, Mario, which my friend and I enjoyed several conversations with, shared with us the attraction that is Trestavere. At night, Trestavere is transformed into a open-door, open-bottle policy bar district. Just after two minutes in the district I managed to spot the single bar that was absolutely packed with study abroad students. After wandering the streets some more, I had the revalation that I certainly do wish to study abroad at some point in my college career. If not in Rome, than in the beautiful city of Barcelona. I had a late night and conclusively an extremely early morning as I had to catch a train to Florence at 8am today.

One of the most popular bars in Trestavere.
One of the most popular bars in Trestavere.

Today I travelled to the beautiful city of Florence, saw the perfectly sculpted David, strolled through the Firenze streets, and finally boarded a train for Venice. I’m now in the water driven city of Venice and am typing this blog post from the hotel computer on Internet Explorer (with only Italian spell-check, an Italian keyboard, and curious onlookers in the lobby).

A local street artist in Florence sketching a portrait of my favorite actor, Leonardo DiCaprio.
This is what perfection looks like, Michelangelo’s David.
This is what perfection looks like, Michelangelo’s David.
Florence, Italy.
Wandering the beautiful streets of Florence, Italy.

For the remaining days that I will be in Italy, I have decided that Im going to minimize my blogging to photo-blogging for the sole purpose of maximizing the time that I have here. But I won’t let you down, I plan on uploading as many photos as the Venetian WiFi allows me.

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