a letter to my post-grad self (new! new! new!)

thai things + vlog (new! new! new!)

as with time and purpose, we are

the year of the new normal

the diamond as big as the ritz

as told by the gen y socialite: a commentary and open letter on the prevalence and shaming of social media, and why it’s a timepiece of our culture


13 things persians say that don’t make sense in translation

11 things people growing up with persian parents can relate to


7 austin things you must do this winter

fall bucket list

10 austin things you must do this spring


paris + vlog

santorini and the french riviera + vlog

prague and milan + vlog

when I lost my passport in munich

lyon, nice, and barcelona + vlog // guest post on the McCombs BBA Study Abroad blog

not in texas

see tag: the euro trip which inspired me to study abroad

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I’m a proud Longhorn of the graduating Class of 2017 at the University of Texas at Austin. My passions include traveling, writing, and being behind the camera. I started this blog my freshman year of university and hope to share with you what makes me, well, me.