2015 Euro Trip

T H E  P A R T Y

Happy New Year to all of my lovely readers! I wish you all the brightest and most positive 2015. With a new year comes your annual opportunity to start fresh, a blank slate, and illustrate your lives with the colors you select. Mentally, a new year can signify all that’s meant to be started anew, continued, or brought to an end. So as you go about your lives in the next few days, reflect on the quality of your life and the endeavors you want to pursue.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve paid a visit to Green Tea, No Splenda, but now more than ever I am extremely excited and prepared to present new content on my blog. I’m delighted to present a series focused on my travels in the upcoming days. On January 7th I will be traveling to Europe on a two week Euro-trip, visiting the cities of Paris, Rome, Venice, Florence, and Milan. Think A Tale of Two Cities, think Moulin Rogue, and then think of fifth largest city in the European Union: Paris. Though I’ve visited Paris a few times previous, what makes this trip unique is that I’ll be traveling along with my sister and her good friend to these destinations, including to Italy, which I’ve yet to see.

When I’m not bundled up and strolling around the Champs-Élysées, or making a wish in the Trevi-Fountain, I plan on uploading pictures and short-text entries of the sights I’ve seen. In the next two weeks, I hope for GTNS to make a turn in the direction of travel blogging. Though I’ll be trying my best to fit in with the locals and avoid the “tourist” stereotype, yes, I will be channelling my inner Lizzie McGuire waiting to meet an international superstar.

Until I touch down in Paris, au revior!

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