Music Tuesday


Normally, this post would be titled “Music Friday,” and well… it would be released on a Friday. But it’s Tuesday. Friday isn’t for another three days. I’m taking a break from studying for an exam. And I have some really awesome new tracks I wanted to share with my readers. Last Wednesday night I went to my first ever Parachute concert with one of my close friends. I’ve been such a huge fan of Parachute’s music since when I first discovered them my freshman year of high school– so you can imagine the hype, having been able to see them live. Before they took the stage, there were two openers: Mikey Wax and Matt Wertz. I had not heard of either of them ever before, and to my excitement, they both proved to be extremely talented musicians. This Music Tuesday post is inspired by the music I’ve been loving for years, in addition to some newer material I’m easily learning to love.

5:19 x Matt Wertz

All Night Longer (Remix) x Sammy Adams ft. B.o.B.

Born To Run x Afrojack ft. Tyler Glenn

Kiss Me Slowly x Parachute

Jealous x Nick Jonas

Drunk Last Night x Eli Young Band

3005 x Childish Gambino

You Lift Me Up x Mikey Wax

There’s no line of best fit amongst these tracks, as they’re a mix of different genres and moods. I hope you enjoy these songs! Let me know what you think.

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