On Release

re·lease verb \ri-ˈlēs\

: to set (someone or something) free
: to give up in favor of another

There’s no easier, harder, and more cathartic way to let go of something. It’s surrendering to the end of a fight, understanding what’s impossible to be understood, and cutting loose the effort to provide. Release works in different ways, but accomplishes the same goal, whether it’s an idea, an object, a habit, or a person. Sometimes I tend to think of a person as a habit, containing an aura which lures you in blindly and more quickly than the previous time.

When giving one hundred percent is returned with zero, release becomes a defense mechanism. When the pressure of burden weighs over your shoulder, release is the ease off the tension. When your mind or heart strings are toyed with, release is the only chance at catharsis to reach sanity.


Release gives birth to countless new windows of opportunity, even though they may not appear that way in the moment. Release is an investment, and the returns you gain as you mature may be blessings in disguise. While the wait might cloud your thoughts, the clarity at the end of the journey will prove to be better than you could imagine. With release, there’s rebirth. With rebirth, there’s freedom just waiting to be dug into.

Sometimes release is the only option, and though it may sting, you must still look knowingly in its direction. Release is a journey that I’m convincing myself to explore, leaving the past comfortably where it belongs.

.الجيات أحسن من الرايحات
What is coming is better than what is gone.
                     – Arabic proverb

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