What amazes me is how some people are able to live with themselves knowing that they belittle others in their spare time. Maybe it’s due to my optimism and hope for human kind that I assume people will grow and mature into adults over time. But somehow, I always seem to have stones thrown in my direction as I encounter those kinds of people. The kind that never really grew up past middle school, whose mentality is still cemented into petty “high school drama.” For those kinds of people I wish only one thing, that they grow up. I pray that they can grow up and spend their time productively, doing things for the good of the world, not spending any ounce of energy on calling others names, talking behind their backs, &ct. But if this situation has taught me anything, it’s that you’re the result of your actions. Words are only words, they are only able to do to you what you give them permission to do. You can let their attempts tear you down, break you. Or, you can push your shoulders back, lift your chin up, and look towards the future. A future whose foundation is built not on negativity, but growing past it. Rid your life of all the toxicity that’s trying to make you weak. Whether it’s a person, a task, or an environment. Take this opportunity as one to build on, an open door to growth. That’s all I have to say on the subject.


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