February is one of my all time favourite months and Valentines Day is ultimately my favourite of the 365 days in the year. For all the singles out there, Valentines Day is the Inferno of all the annual holidays. For all the lovers, Valentines Day is an reminder remind for your significant other as to how much you love each other. For those singles hoping to make a move, Valentines Day is the excuse and final push to send a cupids arrow to the one they’re interested in. And for me, Valentines Day has always been one of the best days of the year as I’m always celebrating with people I love and care about. Who cares if I’m single? I don’t, Valentines Day is still the best day of the year.

So of course, with January officially over and February underway, social media becomes an easy outlet for cheesy pick up lines and valentine e-cards. And this evening as I was typing up some geology notes, I came up with some original pickup lines myself. Yeah, they’re cheesy. But they’re hilarious. And honestly, what better way to win a girls heart than to make her laugh? There’s a hint for you, guys.

Here we go, enjoy!

are u a chimney bc ur smokin

are u single bc we should be plural

are u lava bc ur hot

are u a letter bc i need U in my life

are u a facebook status bc i like u

are u a 4.0 bc id do anything for u

are u a book bc i’m checkin u out

are u an instagram photo bc id double tap that

are u chinese food bc id like to take u out

are u chapstick bc i want u on my lips

u know what u need? vitamin me

are u a flower bc id pick u

are u a beaver cus dam

are u a geology major bc u rock

are u an igneous rock bc u are fine


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