Now that it’s January, that time of the year is officially underway. Yes, you know what I mean. When the Christmas aisle is transformed from having stockings and candy canes to heart shaped chocolate boxes and cute little dingy’s to remind your significant other how much you love them. Now, before I get too in depth on the topic of Valentines Day, let me just end that here and leave you with this picture of some beautiful roses. I was walking through Randall’s and came across them, noticing that the poinsettias that were sitting out just a few days ago had been replaced with bouquets of beautiful roses. And with that time of year again, I find myself replacing my dislike for roses with a temporary love for them. Makes no sense, really. Maybe it’s because I’m so exposed to them in the months of January and February… but there’s something captivating about white roses with light pink accents at the tips. That’s all.

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