Just like when the Presidential election campaigns come around and everyone turns into a politician, holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years make everyone flock to social media sites to put in their two cents on the matter. Well, New Years isn’t any different, thought it brings a quality with it that I’ve always wondered about. For some odd reason, when the clock strikes midnight and the date on your iPhone switches from December 31st to January 1st, everyone picks up a sentimental, wise, and observant outlook. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, in fact, it’s amazing when people gain this sense to them where they pick up an understanding of the universe and the direction they want their life to take. Those directions come in the form of resolutions, and like Christmas when we exchange presents, it’s practically uniform to create a set of resolutions. Now, many people make absurd resolutions that they themselves know they can’t keep. But then there’s others who make resolutions that lead to self-betterment and contribute to characterizing their persona.

I love reading New Years resolutions because there’s this layer of optimism involved with each one, as human nature finds a way to make a resolution that leads to self-improvement. I mean, why would you want to be a mean, bad person? New Years resolutions are the perfect opportunity to set in a resolution that’s bound by the metaphoric “law” which is time. In the matter of seconds, you create a mental spreadsheet that’s completely blank. On it, there’s just a few points, resolutions, that guide you through dropping ink on your new spreadsheet.

Here’s a few resolutions I’ve made for myself that I wanted to share with you. And by putting it here on my blog, it’s a reminder to myself to follow through with these resolutions.

  1. No more “I wish.” We all need a push to say “I WILL” if we actually want to get anything done.
  2. Take more risks and don’t underestimate myself. Life begins outside of your comfort zone!
  3. If you’re not daring or direct, you’re going to miss out on 100% of the opportunities that could come as a result.
  4. Really fond of the mindset that if you want something… go get it and make it happen.

There’s absolutely no worth in sitting around and waiting for something to happen. Chances are, if you rely so heavily on your odds, it won’t even happen. I haven’t made too many resolutions yet, but these four definitely set the model. I’ve been thinking along these lines lately, and I definitely see breaking my comfort zone to be a theme.

Also, let’s note that this is my first blog post of 2014! Here’s to many more… thank you for reading!

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