2013: Keeps Getting Better

Take it as you will, say it as you want, 2013 was my year. You know how everyone has that one year in their life where they see themselves truly blossom from uncertainty into a defined image, persona? Well, that was 2013 for me. I saw myself grow and mature as a person, and develop a clearly defined, unique, identity. I learned from others, but most of all, I learned from myself. I learned to listen to myself, and embrace myself fully. I discovered some things about myself that I didn’t know so clearly before. I understood myself and let go of the past, starting on a blank page for a new year. So now, I want to share with you some of the highlights of my year as seen through some previous Facebook statuses. And with social media it’s kind of hard to see sometimes, so forget the comments, forget this likes, this year was all for me, all for my self-development and nurturing myself to become the person who I am today.

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. ~ Lucille Ball

2013 was the year where I learned to love every aspect of myself. Now, looking back, twelve months from where I started, I wouldn’t change a thing. I did what I love, spent it with those whom I love, submerged wherever I went with that love, and most of all shared that love with the people I met along the road, the people who would play a bigger role in my life in the future. In short, it was the year where I harvested stronger bonds with my friends and family, graduated from high school, and set sail for the next chapter of my life. So before I go on and on, let’s start off with January. It was a small first step, but I finally did something that I wanted to do. Now, my cartilage piercing is a reminder to myself to let go of hesitation, and fall into new opportunities with an open mind. 0104 0123 You could say this was one of the greatest days of all of 2013. All of my hard work and dedication in high school, having transferred from an all girls private school to a co-ed public school, truly paid off. I took a leap of faith when the University of Texas at Austin was the only school I applied to for the Fall, but it sure was a decision that was well worth it.02140307 0323 0412April and May were big, exciting months for me, as having gone to two proms with some really great guys was an incredibly fun way to end my high school career. I also went to my own prom, but spent it mostly with my senior homecoming date, one of my friends who I’ve gotten closer to since the start of senior year. 051105060523 When the Mr. Lakin, our school principal, told me that senior year would go by faster than I expected it to, he was right. When you spend twenty-four months of your life at one high school, you truly see yourself grow. Coming in as a sophomore to Memorial, I was incredibly timid and self-conscious, not really knowning anyone at all in the school. But through my junior and senior years I was exposed to classes I learned to love, people I loved spending time with, and an incredible amount of self-confidence and reassurance in myself. When people say they hated their high school, it makes me feel really sad for them. Why? Because I loved mine and it made me exactly who I am today. 0525 Blessin’s little Laska bear. Laska was given to us by a friend as she didn’t have someone to look after her. She’s a bundle of surprises weighing in at three pounds! Laska means “love” in Czech. 0531060106012 May 31 – June 3. Let’s discuss lack of sleep. These few days were some of the best times I’ve had all my life, and definitely a highlight of 2013 for me. And once the graduation festivities and music festival finished, I packed my bags and head out to Austin on the 5th for UT orientation.0707100717 On this trip my best friend and I wrote in a travel diary all of our adventures. We navigated the city on our own, met a famous British YouTuber, ate ice cream for breakfast, met Grumpy Cat, &ct. We also travelled to Santa Barbara and Venice Beach where we met up with one of my close friends that I met at orientation (incredible how you can make connections around the world!) As for the travel diary, we kept it alive for about 4 days but then realized we could just Tweet and Vine about the experience. So guess which we picked. 08190831 0911 If anyone gives you the warning not to take Calculus at Texas, listen to them. I have never spent so many hours in the library, made so many eraser shavings, and gone through so much stress for a single class before, especially calculus. If you value your social life in college, don’t take calculus at UT, I beg of you. 1108 Starting this blog made me appreciate myself more, listening to myself more clearly. Does that make sense? I learned to speak my mind, share my thoughts, and share my Leo DiCap love in a completely personalized place, and that is my blog. After making this blog, I got a lot of feedback from friends  and even strangers saying that they really enjoyed reading my blog. Honestly, there is no greater feeling than someone complimenting your personal creation! A few friends of mine even made their own blog after seeing how much fun I was having with mine. 1217 I already made a post about finishing my first semester at UT. Now in the middle of my break, getting my grade back and seeing all of my hard work pay off… it really gives me a feeling of accomplishment. Texas, I got you. 1225And this concludes my timeline for 2013! The year has yet to come to an end, but when it does, I’ll have known that this year was my year. Looking back, when I ask myself how 2013 was, it pleases me to be able to say that I made this my year. I matured, I learned, and most of all, I shared myself with the world. So this brings me back to the quote I referenced at the beginning of the post, “love yourself first and everything else falls into line.” In 2013, I learned to love myself and as a result, everything else fell into line. As the countdown begins and the clock strikes midnight, billions of people make countless resolutions with the incentive to make the coming year the best they’ve ever had. Well let me leave you on this note, if you can’t think of a resolution, don’t worry. Here’s one I came up with (and I’m going to use) that you can apply throughout your life, every single day: Strive to become a better you, and to do this all you need to do is learn to love yourself, then everything will fall into place.

One last note on resolutions, when the calendar year turns 2014, that’s all it is. A number, a calendar year. Don’t think that just because it’s 2014, magically everything will be different and it’ll all happen for you. That’s not the message I’m trying to get across. What I want you to know is that it’s all within you. Your willpower, your strength, your outcome. You have the power to make yourself what you want to be by dedicating yourself to be fully you. Embrace yourself. 2013 was my year because I learned this all throughout the year and as a result, I became my best me yet, and I couldn’t be happier. This coming year, I’m going to add onto that self-betterment and make 2014 even better than 2013. Progress. That’s all it is! And you, yes you who are reading this right now, I challenge you to make 2014 your year. Do it with me, let’s make it our best year yet. And best of all? It all begins within you. Let’s make it the best, because it keeps getting better. That’s all.

Now you know how skilled I am at going off topic and writing like I’m Joel Osteen or something.

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