Music Friday

photo (76)

This post is actually completely unrelated to the picture, but I just wanted to post a few songs that I really love and want to share. Some songs I discovered this past summer, some I came across in local Austin coffee shops (oh, how cliche). Most of the songs have a really calm, relaxing, electric feel to them. I’ve had these songs on repeat for so long, and they just have this vibe that’s especially perfect for the winter time. It’s honestly hard trying to capture the essence and emotion of the song in a few words, so just take a listen and tell me what you think. They’re not in any particular order, just the way they’re uploaded in my iTunes.

Hold On x SBTRKT

Flawless x The Neighbourhood

Waiting All Night  x Rudimental

I’m Into You x Chet Faker

Fools Game x This Century

Doin’ It Right x Daft Punk

Everybody Loves Me x OneRepublic

Natural Blues x Moby

We Come Running x Youngblood Hawke

Sparks x Coldplay

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