Rediscovering My Old Vines (Part 5)

Throughout 2013, I’ve seen a lot of Instagram and Twitter trends that seem to be a bit… annoying. And to say the least, you know what’s coming next: Transformation Tuesday. Well, let me expand on why I see this Instagram “trend” as one of the most ridiculous ones out there. People find the ugliest, most awkward, and monumentally different picture of themselves, and then compare it side by side to a new selfie or picture they took more recently. Well, there’s no way to sugar coat this, so I won’t. OBVIOUSLY YOU HAVE “TRANSFORMED”. You were like, seven, in your first picture, and now you’re probably much older, have matured, gone through puberty (bless), and most likely look a million times better than you did in your before picture. Actually, the only “Transformation Tuesday” I will happily accept, is this one: 

tumblr_lrbhe10Ho71qel6s1o1_500So here’s a Vine from this past summer where I mimicked what I saw on Instagram… every. Tuesday. I mean, how many times can you transform? You’re not a caterpillar anymore, congrats! You’re a butterfly. We get it. Trust me. 

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