Life Lessons feat. Leonardo DiCaprio


So my entire Friday night was supposed to be spent writing my history essay… but instead, it turned into four hours of trying to buffer the movie The Basketball Diaries with abnormally slow internet connection. (Sidenote: I picked this movie to watch just as I finished writing bullet point eight about Leonardo DiCaprio on my “10 Things I Rather Do…” list). Quick summary, the movie depicts the true story of an All-Star basketball player, Jim Carroll, who gets a taste of heroin and turns into a junkie. The movie is his story and “diary,” spoken in first person, as he went through it all.

So finally, four hours later, I finished the movie (which is just around 100 minutes), and I have three things to say.

  1. Phenomenal performance by Leo, and I’m not being biased. He played the part so well and made it so believable, I’m still in awe. Possibly one of the realest movies you could ever watch. Even though it was made in 1995, eighteen years later it is JUST as relevant now, as it was then.
  2. Why the hell doesn’t Leo have an Oscar? Can someone PLEASE try to justify why he hasn’t received one to date. First Gilbert Grape then this…
  3. Don’t do drugs. You’ll get addicted, and die (or be sent to prison and be forced to recover cold).

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